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Ayurveda Gurukulam Blog

Bringaraja (kayyoni ,bhamgra,kayyantakara)Bringa

Bringraja is considered to be one of the main drugs in Ayurveda. The word bringraja means the one which makes the hair silky and Shiny as that of a peacock. Bringaraja helps in strengthing of the hair as well as blackening the hair. It is also effective in the liver disorders.The seeds of the plant is effective in increasing the sexual vigour in a person.it is widely present in india especially in waste land and near to the road side.
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Triphala - The miracle drug in Ayurveda

Triphala is a Devanagari word, which is composed of two words “tri” and “phala”. The word tri means the numeral 3 and the word phala means fruit. Therefore three sets of fruit varieties are being represented by the name Triphala . From the ancient times itself Triphala where given greater importance. They are also known by the word phala trika and vara.
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Medicinal values of Ayurvedic herb Neem

Neem was often called the village pharmacy .It belongs to Mahogany family and it has a lot of medicinal values. Its branches, seed, and leaves are used for the preparation of Ayurveda medicines. We can prepare oil from the seeds and it is known as Margosa oil it can be act as a mosquito repellent. The leaves of names are bitter taste and it can be consumed either as directly or mixed with some other herbs.
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All the different foods are having different potency according to Ayurveda. The potency of any substance not just food also drugs is said to be two they are SHEETHA and USHNA. Sheetha means cold and Ushna means hot. This does not mean that, it is physically hot or cold. It’s more important how it acts inside the body. So what does this mean?
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Fever, we can say it as a disease or the symptoms of diseases. When the infectional level in the blood will become increased in our blood, our body will react by raising temperture of blood. This is what we called fever. There is an Ayurvedic home remedy called chukku kappi which is suggested by our grand parents.
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Anu tailam is an Ayurvedic herbal oil used for Nasya treatment. Before starting the nasya treatment, a smooth head and face massage is required. After that the anu tailam is instill in to each nostril drop by drop. Number of drops depends upon the disease condition of the patient. It is mainly used for the treatment of headache, but in addition to this, it is used for the treatment of strengthen the eyes,
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