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Black pepper – The Golden King

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

The hope of Indian villagers, the black gold , the king of spices; black pepper rules the spice Market around the globe. But still it deserves more. Than a culinary spice, it’s a medicinal drupe.

As a spice, definitely it improves the digestive strength. Everyone knows a lot of food ingredients which can enhance appetite and digestion. You might have listened to mothers always complaining about their children’s nourishment. They are giving veggies, fruits, proteins and so on. But still they are malnourished. There comes the role of pepper. Along with improving digestive capacity, it helps in nutrient absorption too. Add a pinch of black pepper powder to the food. This elevates the flavour and helps in proper digestion and absorption.

Along with digestion, black paper can curb all the issues of the abdomen. Bloating, abdominal colic, intestinal worms…. For all this common problems we have black paper as the remedy. Black pepper is a sweeper. It has a scraping effect over the intestinal worms there by helping you to flush out the toxins.

Even though most of the people love spicy and hot food, everybody is not a great fan of chillies, as it is extremely hot. But you can try black pepper.

It is the best friend of your respiratory system. It decreases the sputum production and can be used for the treatment of asthma, chest congestion and other chronic respiratory disorders.

You can sprinkle it over juices, smoothies, soups or use the powder with ghee or honey.

This is not the end. The medicinal saga of black pepper still continues. It’s anti cancer effect, antioxidant effect, anti bacterial activity and it’s role in fighting against fat deposition makes black pepper, the super hero in research papers.

It can be even used for external application for improving blood circulation. The black pepper essential oil is a rubefacient and its powder is an ingredient of tooth powders to relieve toothache.

But be careful when you use black pepper especially when you have gastritis, burning sensation or a sensitive stomach.

Above all these heroic  achievements, its main attainment is deworming.  Even the Sanskrit name for black pepper, 'Maricha' means “one who kills worms”….