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Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

All the different foods  are having different potency according to Ayurveda. The potency of any substance not just food also drugs is said  to be two they are SHEETHA and USHNA. Sheetha means cold and Ushna means hot. This does not mean that, it is physically hot or cold. It’s more important how it acts inside the body. So what does this mean? Here  cold substances means, that which can reduce or bring down the body temperature and hot  substances are that which can increase the body temperature. For example when you hear papayas you may not consider it as something that is hot in nature but actually it is so. Same way even if you are heating a glass of milk it still acts  cooling inside the body. This aspect is really important because this tells you which kind of food substances, solids or liquids can be used as a substances which can provide a cooling action or heating action. This is important, we always give only important to substances which has a cooling action, which is not always a good thing. For example if the person has reduced digestive capacity if you are giving too much of cooling substance more it can easily  reduce it further. Thus increasing the digestive disturbance. Same way if you’re going for a hot substance in hot climate it can cause different problems including skin manifestation, digestive problems and many mor. So hot substances in cool environment or scenarios where it can act in a positive manner and cold substances in hot climates or in scenarios where it can act as something positive. This may seam as a really simple idea but, many a times when we eat something which is cold physically we think that it’s helping is  overcome the heat but in reality  it may be  leading to the opposite action. Thus this understanding of the hot and cold aspect of a substance  is important to ascertain which food we should take according to the time at or according to a condition so this dimension of understanding should also be given importance along with the understanding of heaviness or lightness of the food related with digestion.