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Ayurveda’s most celebrated “ RASAYANA” treatment……

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

“Ayurveda – Rasayana – Rejuvenation”… These might be the most fabled expressions in Ayurveda, as the whole world is longing for longevity, strength and vigour.

The most powerful and the best among the rejuvenative herbs, Amalaki (Amla, Emblica officinalis), has been the superhero for a million decades in Ayurveda. We can even find a simile in classic texts, one who uses amalaki and lives with cows and milk for one year becomes so brilliant like Gods. If you start your day with Triphala (the three wonder fruits in Ayurveda- hareetaki, vibhitaki, amalaki), with honey and ghee but only after digesting the previous meal for 1 year, you will live for 100 more years free from old age and diseases.

The very famous “Chyawanprash” concoction is now a health trend in many countries. This anti aging concoction not only bolster your immunity but also improves your intellect, memory, glow, longevity and fire. 

Ayurveda offers a lot more diet regimens and rejuvenative medicines to repair and reprogram your mind and body. Sometimes you might have experienced some of these but still struggling. More than this rejuvenative diet and medicine, Ayurveda focuses on a code of conduct or behavioural therapy to boost yourselves. Your diet, medicines and conduct forms the central pillars of Rasayana therapy.

             Be truthful. This takes away your anxiety and makes you more courageous.

             Get Freedom from anger, as anger burns your energy

             Avoid alcohol and maintain celibacy. This improves the quality of mind and health naturally

             Avoid violence, even mentally

             Be compassionate. Control your inner animal

               These are just a few of behavioural therapy in Ayurveda. It’s an interminable medicinal saga….

                Follow Ayurveda.. Live Ayurveda.. Learn Ayurveda