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Ayurvedic Pharmacology Online Course

Ayurveda course offered in Ayurveda Gurukulam

This program is for students who have basic knowledge in Ayurveda or for those who have completed Proficiency course in Ayurveda to go to the next  level of Ayurveda learning. Main focus will be on Pharmacology and life style covering different herbs used for treatment of diseases, their identification, Ayurvedic medicine preparation, etc.

Duration: Course Duration:  Two options :  A) 2 weeks/30 hours   B) 4 weeks/120 hours

  • A)   2 Weeks -  focus will be on Pharmacology and life style covering different herbs used for treatment of diseases, Ayurvedic medicine preparation, Identification of the herbs .        12 days (60 hours).
  • B)   4 Weeks -  Pharmacology,  Herbology,  Ayurvedic medicine preparations and their use in specific diseases according to ayurvedic management  30 days ( 120 hours).                       Sunday  Holiday.


  • Ayurveda herb logy (DravyaGunashastra)
  • Herbs to boost immune system, delay ageing & improve quality of life
  • Comprehensive analysis of taste, potency, post digestive effect, qualities
  • How to maximize the absorption of particular herbs and medicines
  • Detailed description of few common herbs & medicinal plants
  • Ayurveda pharmacology(Bhaishajyakalpana)
  • Preparing and administering specialized herbs and herbal decoctions
  • Dose and timing of medicines
  • Popular formulation and recipe
  • Dispensing of medicines
  • Ayurvedic pathology & management - etiology ,Signs , symptoms, pathology of diseases , examination criteria (ashtavidhapariksha, dasavidhapariksha , tri vidhapariksha),fever, arthritis, nervous diseases, general disease , obesity, diabetes, acidity, haemorrhoids, skin disease, PrasoothiThantra (Gynacology), Panchakarma & Rasayana (detoxification).

Academic Facility

On hand training in human body will also be given to each student for their practical learning. Study materials for theory and practical sessions, DVD for the demonstrations,  Starter kit-Medicines,  Equipments,  Guidance for Shopping and weekend leisure trips,  Internet,  WiFi,  etc are provided for the students. Students will be provided with a certificate issued by Ayurveda Gurukulam after the successful completion of the course.

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