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Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Botanical name - allium sativum

Family name     - lilaceae

English name    - garlic

Sanskrit name   - lasunah, rasonah

Telgu name        - vellulli , tellagadda

Tamil name        - vellai puntu

Malayalam name - velluli

Kannada name – belluli

Lasuna is a cultivated plant which is distributed over temperate regions

The  Sanskrit word lasuna means the drug which is absorbed quickly into the body. It is considered to be one of the best medicine in Ayurveda due to which it is been termed as Maha  aushadha.

The useful part of the plant is bulb which is having a strong penetrating smell due to which lasuna is also having the name Ugra Ganda .Due to it’s potent character it is also known by the name arista. it got the nameBhutagna due to its power to destroy Evil organisms in and out of the body. it is considered to be a drug which is being mentioned in historical books . the historical account says that while Garuda was snatching away Amrita from Lord Indra ( king among the gods) a drop of it fell on the earth from which lasuna has came into existence

Part used 

                    Taila ( oil)

Rasa (taste) – tikta ( bitter) predominant .Having all 6 taste except amla ( sour)

Guna ( property ) – snigdha ( oleagenous ) , guru ( heavy) , tikshna ( sharp)

Virya ( potency) –ushna ( heating )

Vipaka ( end product of digestion ) – katu ( pungent)

Dosha – decrease the  kapha and vata which is increased in the body



Brahmana – noushing the body

Vrishya- aphrodisiac

Pacana- digestive Balavarnakara- increases the bodyweight strength and complexion

Medhahita- helps to control the fat content in the body

Netrya- good for eyes

Rasayanah- rejuvenative in nature

Kaphahanti- decreases the kapha which is increased in the body

Keshya- good for the hair

Hridya- good for heart

Deepana- which is appetizer in action

Rochana- increases the taste perception

Banghasandanakrit- helps in fusion of the fractures

Used in

Hridroga- heart disorders

Ajirna- indigestion

Jwara- fever

Kukshishula- stomach pain

Vibandha- constipation

Aruchi- tastelessness

Kasa- cough

Sopha- inflammation

Swasa- breathing disorders


Peenasa- rhinitis

Hikka- hiccup

Arshas- anal mass

Shula- pain


It is used in the form of milk preparation in the cases of paralysis and emaciation.

It is used  in insect bites to remove the toxins.

In case of ear pain it is been used in the form of oil which is poured into ears.

In increased cholesterol levels also internal intake of lasuna is  highly useful.


Its recommend to take less quantity of garlic especially those who are having a hot body constitution , bleeding disorders,  menstural cycle , pregnant  and during the hot seasons.