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Milk And Its Properties

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Characteristics of Milk

Milk is sweet in taste and has a metabolic effect.

  • It is unctuous in nature and helps increase vitality and tissue formation
  • It helps pacify vata and pitta.
  • It is also an aphrodisiac and is cool in nature.
  • It is heavy to digest and increases kapha.

Cow’s milk

  • It is restorative and regenerative.
  • Helps overcome weakness following injury and promote strength.
  • Also a laxative and galactagogue.
  • Found very effective to overcome giddiness, intoxication, fatigue, cough, thirst, hunger, dysuria and even in chronic fever.

Buffalo's milk

  • Found to be extremely heavy to digest and cooling in nature. Hence suitable for bulimia and Insomnia.

Goat's milk

  • It is light to digest.
  • Found effective in emaciation, fever, diarrhea and even in bleeding disorders.

Camel’s milk

  • Has less fat content and slightly salty in taste.
  • Being hot in potency found suitable for vata and kapha.
  • Also for parasitic infestation, edema, ascitis and even in piles.

Breast milk

  • It helps cure eye diseases and is used in treatment modalities of Tarpana, Aschothana, and Nasyam.

Sheep's milk

  • Not stomachic and also hot in potency.
  • Found effective for vata but causes belching, dyspnoea and vitiates pitta and kapha.

Elephant’s milk

  • Provides strength to the body.

Unboiled milk

  • Is heavy to digest, but when properly boiled has opposite properties.

Condensed milk

  • Is heavy to digest.
  • It is said that freshly drawn milk resembles divine elixir in properties.