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Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Moringa is a highly nutritious herbal plant which we can take all parts from root to leaf. Each and every part has separate medicinal values. Out of these parts the leaves is rich with Vitamins A to E and so many proteins and minerals. It will increase the metabolism of our body and also used to reduce the belly fat. So I would like to share the idea of the preparation of Moringa powder. Once it is prepared it can be store it for later use.

Steps for the preparation of Moringa leaf powder.

Step 1: Cut the Moringa leaves from the tree.

Step 2: Wash it off with fresh water to get rid of germs and insects.

Step 3: Cover with a cotton cloth to absorb the water from the leaves.

Step 4: Remove the leaves from the stem and spread it in a plane surface. Small fine stems are ok but make sure that there are no hard stems.

Step 5: Place it in room temperature and protect it from sunlight. It will dry in room temperature and by the end of the first day cover it with cotton cloth and kept it for four to                 five days.

Step 6: Put it in a small grinder and run it a couple of times until you get a fine powder.

Step 7: Transfer it to an air tight container and kept it in a cool dry place for longer use.