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Godhamb kanji ( wheat gruel ) : properties of wheat , benifits

Writtern by Dr. Lakshmi

BOTANICAL NAME : Triticum aestivum


ENGLISH NAME : Common wheat

Godhamb kanji is considered to be a authentic traditional preparation which is composed of broken wheat as the main ingredient.

According to ayurveda , godhuma ( wheat ) is a nutritious dhanya ( grain ) which is  included under the group named as trina dhanya varga ( the group of grains produced by grass like plants). Godhuma is having madhura rasa ( sweet taste) due to which it is more nourishing in nature and helps to increase the strength of  dhatus ( body tissues). Ruchipradha is another property of godhuma due to which it increases the taste perception in a person.as it is cooling in potency , it relishes the body . Due to the heaviness in its basic property , godhuma  is considered to be hard to digest . Due to which it takes a long time to digest the food and the person doesn’t feel hungry for a long time.freshly harvested godhuma is having more heaviness in it than a year old one. Intake of freshly harvested godhuma will lead to increase of kapha content in the body and the one year old doesn’t increase kapha much. Godhuma has sara property due to which it creates laxative effect in the person .being jeevana ( nourishing )  in nature , any age group people can take godhuma internally for strengthening action in the body.

Benefits of godhuma ( wheat )

  • Shukrapradha / vrishya – aphrodisiac in nature
  • Balya – strengthening the body
  • Jeevana – nourishing
  • Sandhanakari – unites broken parts ( fractures)
  • Sthairyakrit – makes body strengthen and stable
  • Sara – laxative
  • Anila pitta hanta – reduces vata and pitta
  • Sleshmakara – increases kapha
  • Ruchikara – increases taste perception.

Method of preparation of Godhamb kanji ( Wheat gruel )

Godhamb kanji is being prepared from broken wheat which is considered to be easy to digest than the whole wheat. A vessel containing water is made to boil. When the water start boiling , add washed broken wheat to it .Boil it until wheat is completely cooked. To this gruel a small quantity of salt can be added .This form of godhamb kanji is really nutritious and strengthens the body instantaneously.

Benefits of  Godhamb kanji (wheat gruel )

  • Reduces hunger
  • Reduces thirst
  • Easy elimination of faeces
  • Kindles appetite
  • Helps in digestion
  • Nourishes the dhatus ( tissues)
  • Strengthens the body
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Decreases vata and pitta