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Triphala - The miracle drug in Ayurveda

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Triphala is a Devanagari word, which is composed of two words   “tri” and “phala”. The word  tri means the numeral 3 and the word phala means fruit. Therefore three sets of fruit varieties are being represented by the name Triphala . From the ancient times itself Triphala where given greater importance. They are also known by the word phala trika and vara.

The three fruit  represented in thriphala are:




Each of these three drugs are to be taken in equal quantities. But according to some traditional  ayurvedic followers the drugs are to be taken in the ratio of 1:2:4  .

Harithaki ( Terminalia chebula)

It  is one among the drugs of Haritakikula. It is called as Mayrobalan in English and harad in Hindi. It’s also known by the names such as pathya and abhaya.

The word Haritaki means the one which can remove all the diseases and the word abhaya means the one which protects the person from fear of diseases the word it means the one which cleanses the body channels.

Vibhetaki ( Terminalia bellirica )

It is one among the drugs of Haritaki kula.

It is known as belleric myrobalan in English and bahera in Hindi .it is also known by the names karshaphala and bhibhetaka. The word vibhetaki means the one which removes the fear of diseases on using internally and the word karshaphala means the weight of the fruit as one karsha that is 20 grams. The word bhibhetaka means the one which can remove diseases and maintains health.

Amlaki (Emblica officinalis )

It is one among the drug of eranda kula . It is known as emblic myrobalan in English and Amla in Hindi .It is also known by the names vayasya, dhatri phala,  amritha phala . The word Vaysya means the one which improves the longevity.  the word dhatri  phala means the one which promotes the doors in the body or protects from all the diseases like a mother and the word Amrita phala means a best fruit like amrita.

Uses of Triphala


improve eyesight

The Triphala are used along with honey and for a rejuvenation action on the body . the person can have this compilation of drugs just before going to sleep . For the diseases of above the head it is always advice to take the drug for a nourishing action during the night time . it helps to increase the visual power of a person and makes the person to have a clear vision

 Reduces inflammation and infections

 To reduce the infection the person can use Triphala powder at it with water which is being made into a decoction form and can be used for washing that infected area especially in the eye disorders CSS conjunctivitis kind of condition with this highly effective.

 Stimulates hair growth

Oil prepared out of Triphala can be used for  nourshment of hair root.which inturn helps in proper development of the hair.

Helps to get rid of dandruff

Instead of using shampoos in the case of dandruff like hair disorders Triphala can be used as if paste form which can be applied over the head and the person can have it for 5 minutes later it can be washed away along with water

Rejuvenates the skin

Daily intake of the Triphala has a rejuvenation action on the body . For this purpose the person can have Triphala in a daily basis along with other rasayana dravyas. If the person takes Triphala for a longer duration there is the chance of the body dryness therefore the person can take sesame oil during the morning time and Triphala can be taken at the night time before going to bed

helps to get a better complexion and get rid of the dark patches on the skin.

Triphala  can b used as an face mask for getting a good complexion for the skin as well as to get rid of the dark marks over the skin. these kind of face mask can be applied for a few minutes and  then the person can wash it with water

Wound healer

For  on wound healing action triphala can be used irrigating  the affected area in a decoction form  which is wound healing  in nature . Washing the effected area with triphala decoction helps to prevent the progression or formation of pus and helps in a faster recovery in the person, especially in the diabetic wounds .


For a proper laxation effect the person can take Triphala along with hot water at night time so that during the morning the person gets easy motion of stools.