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Benefits of Cucumber

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S


Botanical Name - Cucumissativus Linn
Family - Cucurbitaceae

Cucumber is a creeper found in the wild and also abundantly cultivated all over India for its use as a vegetable. The cucumber is pale green in color with many seeds inside the fruit, which are pointed at both the ends.

Cucumber is widely used in Ayurvedic treatment for difficulty in urination, excessive thirst, headache, insomnia and holds a good promise in liver cancer treatment. It is called Trapusha in Sanskrit.

Medicinal properties of Cucumber

  • Rasa (Taste) - Madhura (Sweet)
  • Guna (Qualities) – Laghu (Light)
  • Vipaka - Madhura (undergoes sweet taste after digestion)
  • Veerya (Potency) – Sheeta (Cold)
  • Karma (Action) - Pitta hara (reduces the vitiated pitta), Mutrala (helps in easy urination)

Part used

  • Fruit, seed


  • Fresh juice 25—50 ml
  • Seed powder 3-6 g

Uses of Cucumber

  • Cucumber is consumed to relieve thirst, burning sensation all over the body.
  • The juice of cucumber helps relieve burning micturition.
  • The seeds of cucumber added with water helps to relieve thirst.
  • The powder of the dried seeds is taken in a dose of 3-5 g to relieve general weakness of the muscles.
  • The cucumber slice is applied over the head to get relief from disturbed sleep, insomnia.
  • The cucumber slices are given along with boiled rice or rice gruel in the morning to treat urinary tract infections and calculi.

*Note: It is not ideal to consume cucumber in rainy season

Cucumber benefits as per Ayurveda

  • Cucumber is a Vishtambhi ahara (constipation food), i.e. it helps in constipation relief.
  • Sheetala – coolant
  • Mutrala – diuretic
  • Bastishodhana – cleanses urinary bladder

Indicated in

  • Trushna – excessive thirst
  • Klama – fatigue
  • Daha – burning sensation, as in gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes etc
  • Raktapitta – Bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc
  • Chardi – Vomiting
  • Bhrama – Delusion, Dizziness

Seeds of cucumber

  • Mutrala – diuretic, improves urine flow

Indicated in

  • Raktapitta - Bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc  
  • Mutrakrichra - Dysuria, urinary retention