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Kesha (hair )- Ayurveda view , various types of hair , herbs for hair care

Writtern by Dr. Lakshmi

 Hair is considered to be a Mala ( waste ) of asti  Dhatu ( bone) which is been formed from the sixth  month of embryonic life . when the child attains puberty , the axillary hair ,  pubic hairs and the facial hairs grow well  due to the influence of Shukra Dhatu in males and due to commencement of the menstrual cycle in females. Hair is considered to be having a close  relation with vata Dosha. In our body  whenever the vata increases the asti content in the body will be decrease.both of them are considered to be having an Ashraya Ashraibhva .due to decrease of asti , the mala of asti i.e kesha also decreases . Thus it leads to thinning of hair , hair loss etc.


Hair is also known by the names such as Bal , kacha , Gondal , Murtaza , Kesha etc .the body hairs are known as loma in Ayurveda and the hair on the scalp is called as kesha and on the face is called as samshru.

In general Kesha is considered to be the one which is soft dark firmly rooted and which should not be very thick in nature .according to the changes in the general constitution of a person the constitution of the hair will also change.

Various types of hair

In the case of vata Prakriti person , The hair is dry in nature due to the presence of ruksha Guna in vata.  due to the property of kharatwa ,  the vata Prakriti person have roughness over the hair , skin ,  face and other body parts.  similar kind of the roughness can also be seen in other parts such as nails tip. Vata prakruthi person also have less number of hair the body ie scanty in nature and the hair over the eyebrows and eyelashes are also really less in number .the hair over the scalp being very dry  and rough in nature they have maximum chances for hair problems .because disorders of vata will affect the ashti dhatu which  is due to the increase up of the vata due to having Ashray Ashray Bava .

 Pitta Prakriti person  will be having the hair type as light soft and oily hair which is predominant with brown colour. it is having more predominance of ushna Guna in them.  they are prone for greying of hair due to increased body temperature  and due to the excess intake of spicy salty and sour food . their eyebrows are moderate in number and bodily hairs are moderately present.  due to the habit of excess sweating in Pitta Prakriti they often  have excess sweating over scalp region which lead into bad smell from the head it is  due to the basic property of paper which is vistra

Kapha Prakriti person is More predominant with the Snigdha ( unctous )property.  due to which the the hair unciousnes in nature them the hair . It will be more oily and dark in nature due to the slakshna ( smooth )and mridu Guna  ( soft )in them . the hair is considered to be very smooth and soft in texture .

Herbs for hair care......

False daisy ( Bhringa raja )

Botanical name : Eclipta alba

Sanskrit name : Bhringaraja

Bhringa raja is considered to be superior kind of drug used for hair problems in ayurveda . as it is nourishes the hair and helps to prevent the all kinds of hair disorders , it is known by the name kesha raja ( best drug for hair ).The oil which is processed with bhringaraja can be used for greying of hair. As it is having such a quality , bringaraja is also known by the name kesha ranjana ( that which colours the hair ). As it is having rasayana (rejuvenative )in action , it helps in nourishmentof the body to a greater extent.bringaraja is also having keshya ( that which promotes hair growth )in its action .

Sanskrit name: Girinimba , kadarya , alakavhaya

Curry leaves should be made into a thick paste. Later this paste can be used for preparation of oil.the oil processed with curry leaves are best for blackening the hair . it also help in the growth of the hair . the curry leaves are effective in the case of lices on the hair.the curry leaves can be made into a thick paste. Later this paste can be used for washing the hair. This kind of medicated hair wash can be done weekly thrice. This will help to get rid of the lices.

Neem leaf

Botanical name :Azadirachta indica

Sanskrit name :Nimba

The neem is having krimighna( kills worms ) in karma( action ),  due to which it helps us to prevent the growth of lice on the hair. Weekly thrice , the paste of neem can be used washing the hair. It will help to remove the lices from the hair.the neem leaves are also effective in the cases of dandruff.the water which is boiled with neem can be used to wash the hair.it will help us to get rid of dandruff.


Botanical name : Emblica officinalis

Sanskrit name : Amlaki

Paste of Gooseberry which is mixed with buttermilk can be used for wash.it will nourish the hair roots.weekly once the hair can be washed in such a manner.it helps to nourish the hair and promotes growth of hair. It helps to prevent the dandruff.

Hibiscus- shoe flower

Botanical name :Hibiscus  rosa

Sanskrit name :Japakusuma

The hibiscus flowers can be used for the oil preparation.it helps in the growth of the hair and helps to prevent hairloss. Leaves of hibiscus can be added withwater and a good paste can be made of it.such a paste can be used for the washing the hair. It will help to remove off all the dirt accumulated in the scalp and helps in nourishing the hair root.


Botanical name : Trigonella foenumgraecum

Sanskrit name :Methika

The fenugrek seeds can be soaked in water for a whole night. On the next day , the seeds can be made into a fine paste. Such a paste can be used for washing the hair.the oil which is processed with fenugreek can be used as a hair oil. Weekly once a good head massage can be done with that oil.this will help us to get rid of conditions such as dandruff.