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BALA (Kurunthotti)

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Botanical Name: Sida cordifolia Linn. /Sida rhombifolia ssp. retusa


Names in different language

Hindi - Khirainti, Bariyara; Telugu - Chittamutti, Mattavapulagam; English - Country Mallow; Malayalam - Vellurum; Tamil - Paniyar Tuttul Jannada-Hettuti

Synonyms - Vatyã, Vatyalika, Vatyapuspi, Vãtyai, hadroudani.

Classification according to Caraka, Susrutha & Vagbhata

Caraka Balã, Brmhaniya, Prajãsthapana, Madhuraskandha
Susruta Vãtasamgamana
Vagbhata –
Sida rhombifolia ssp. Retusa


The root of the herb is known as a good tonic and immune modulator, mainly using for vãta rogas

Varieties & adulterants

  1. S.acuta Burm
  2. S.rombifolia
  3. S.restusa
  4. S.spinosa


  • A small downy erect herb or shrub, 1.2 m. in height, with long branches, sometimes rooting at nodes.
  • Leaves - cordate, oblong, ovate or ovate-oblong, very downy on both surfaces; petiole as long as the blade.
  • Flowers small, tawny yellow or white, carpels 10. Fruits - with a pair of awns on each carpel. (Flowers and grows wild along the roadsides, throughout sub-tropical and tropical India, ascending up to 1,200 m.)
  • Chemical composition: Major components of seeds are alkaloids. Alkaloid contains mainly ephedrine. It also contains a fatty acid, mucin, potassium nitrate and resin. Ephedrine, hypaphorine, vasicinone, vascicine, vasicinol, choline, betaine, phytosterol etc.

Part Used

Dosage - Decoction 50-100 ml, powder 3-6 g.


  • Rasa - Madhura

  • Guna - Laghu, Snigdha, Picchila

  • Vipãka - Madhura Balya, Brmhana, Vrsya

  • Karma - Vãta-Pitta ha

External use

The paste is analgesic and alleviates oedema. It is locally applied over inflammation and eye disorders.

Internal use

  • Central nervous system: Being neural tonic and vatasharnak, it is useful in vata disorders like paralysis, facial palsy etc.
  • Digestive system: Emollient, deflatulent, and astringent. Useful in flatulence.
  • Circulatory system: Cardiac tonic and alleviates haemorrhagic disorders, hence used in cardiac debility, haemorrhagic disorders, and bronchiectasis.
  • Reproductive system: Aphrodisiac and useful in spermatorrhoea.
  • Urinary system: Diuretic, so useful in dysuria.
  • Temperature: Useful in fever being a febrifuge
  • Satmikaran: Being tonic, it is helpful in general debility. tuberculosis and undernourishment.

Important Yogas or Formations

  • Batadi kwath. Baladya ghrita. Baladyarishta, Chandanabalalakshadi taila.
  • Srotogamitva
  • Dosha Alleviates vata, pitla
  • Dhatu Rakta. mansa, shukra. oja (enhancer).
  • Main: Purisha (astringent)
  • Indications - Raktapitta, Vatavyãdhi, Prameha, Ksaya

Therapeutic Uses

  • Antra vrddhi — Balã ksira is added to Eianda taila and administered orally.
  • Galaganda — Balã, Atibalã and Devãdaru are powdered and given through oral route.
  • Vatavyãdhi — Balã yüsa is the best for Vatarogãs.