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Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S


Rasayana means “REJUVENATION” or generally Rejuvenative Therapy.

We are all aware of the saying “Prevention is Better than cure”. A quotation which is used everywhere and always, But we seem to be ignorant of the facts and ideas behind it. But thankfully the old sages/scholars of Ayurveda or rather the greatest physicians of ancient India  acknowledged this principle. And they also knew there was an inherent mechanism inside us doing this same function ie our Immune system. Thus they knew the modalities to increase the immunity that is inherent strength was directly responsible for health thus rasayana is not just a modality to increase body bulk,its main principle us to increase the inherent strength of a person. While we look into classic two modalities of rasayana are said that being “VATATHAPIKA” and “KUTTIPRAVESHIKA” that is Rasayana that is done without much of dairy restriction is Vatathapika variety  which is widely practiced nowadays. The second one that is the Kutipraveshika is giving rasayana therapy by keeping the patient in a controlled environment in complete isolation. Even though the  second variety is superior, nowadays it's  difficult to abide by. Usually whenever someone hears rasayana they think of “CHAVANAPRASHA AVALEHA”. Even though this is truly a rasayana drug we can just use some simple things that I can activate this inherent strength of hours. Main thing among them are simple things like milk, ghee, Indian gooseberry, honey, red variety of rice are a few. Thus we can see the rasayana is a wider concept than thought. Do remember before going for any form of rasayana mainly related to treatment, always prior to it some purification therapies have to be done to get the complete effect of Rasayana