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Ayurveda Gurukulam Blog

Kesha (hair )- Ayurveda view , various types of hair , herbs for hair care

Hair is considered to be a Mala ( waste ) of asti Dhatu ( bone) which is been formed from the sixth month of embryonic life . when the child attains puberty , the axillary hair , pubic hairs and the facial hairs grow well due to the influence of Shukra Dhatu in males and due to commencement of the menstrual cycle in females. Hair is considered to be having a close relation with vata Dosha.
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Jalaukavacharana (leech therapy) panchakarma therapy, word meaning , procedure , benefits, importance of blood , description about leeches and its collection.

Jalauka – the one which is having their abode is water - leech Leeches are also named as jalayukah as the water is its life. As leeches emerges from water , lives in cold and is sweet due to which it is being used for blood letting when pitta is vitiated. It is been included under raktamokshana ,which is considered to be one among the purificatory therapies ( shodhana ).according to acharya susruta , the purificatory therapies are divided into a group of 5 which are been named as panchakarmas. The 5 purificatory therapies are vamana
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Godhamb kanji ( wheat gruel ) : properties of wheat , benifits

Godhamb kanji is considered to be a authentic traditional preparation which is composed of broken wheat as the main ingredient. According to ayurveda , godhuma ( wheat ) is a nutritious dhanya ( grain ) which is included under the group named as trina dhanya varga ( the group of grains produced by grass like plants). Godhuma is having madhura rasa ( sweet taste) due to which it is more nourishing in nature and helps to increase the strength of dhatus ( body tissues).
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Lasuna is a cultivated plant which is distributed over temperate regions The Sanskrit word lasuna means the drug which is absorbed quickly into the body. It is considered to be one of the best medicine in Ayurveda due to which it is been termed as Maha aushadha. The useful part of the plant is bulb which is having a strong penetrating smell due to which lasuna is
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Bringaraja (kayyoni ,bhamgra,kayyantakara)Bringa

Bringraja is considered to be one of the main drugs in Ayurveda. The word bringraja means the one which makes the hair silky and Shiny as that of a peacock. Bringaraja helps in strengthing of the hair as well as blackening the hair. It is also effective in the liver disorders.The seeds of the plant is effective in increasing the sexual vigour in a person.it is widely present in india especially in waste land and near to the road side.
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Triphala - The miracle drug in Ayurveda

Triphala is a Devanagari word, which is composed of two words “tri” and “phala”. The word tri means the numeral 3 and the word phala means fruit. Therefore three sets of fruit varieties are being represented by the name Triphala . From the ancient times itself Triphala where given greater importance. They are also known by the word phala trika and vara.
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