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Ayurveda Cosmetology Online Course

Ayurveda course offered in Ayurveda Gurukulam

Ayurveda Gurukulam is an unique Ayurveda school in India which blends knowledge into practice. We  offers Ayurvedic Cosmetology Programme(live on-line programme), which gives an insight to the Ayurvedic concept of Beauty care. It covers all relevant topics such as Ayurvedic care for skin, hair, eye, mouth, face and other remedies. The special highlight of this programme is that the instructors are mainly doctors and experts in these relevant areas. Due to the present situation we are providing on-line courses for this beauty theraphy course.

Duration                 6 days.(3 hours per day)

Total                           18 hours


  • Basic concepts of Ayurveda
  • Panchamahabhuta concept in Ayurveda
  • knowledge of skin type based on AyurvedicPrakriti (Body constitution).
  • Assessment of hair type according to Prakriti(Constitution)
  • Concept of Keshayurveda(hair& its types)
  • Common management of hair problems like Hair fall, Dandruff, Premature greying through Ayurveda Ayurvedic management
  • Demo for preparing kesaprakshalani(herbal shampoo)
  • Concept of Skin and skin types
  • Common management of skinproblems through ayurveda
  • Skin cleansing, toning
  • Ayurvedic  tanning removal
  • Natural scrubing and moisturizing methods
  • Demos for haircareAyurvedic procedures like shirodhara.
  • Daily routine body care and toning
  • Demo of Ayurvedic beauty enhancing procedures such as udwartana,abhyangaetc with different herbs.
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle  for attaining healthy skin
  • Ayurvedic knowledgeabout diet and nutrition needed for healthy skin.
  • Preparation of natural shirolepas,mukhalepas
  • Application of mukhabhyanga(Face massage) and its benefits
  • Application of shiroabhyangamand its benefits
  • Lip care through Ayurveda
  •  Eye care ,procedures like kajalmaking,dhara
  • Dental care through Ayurveda.
  • Demonstration of preparation of different herbal products for eyes, lips, teeth etc.
  •  Application of padabhyangam& its benefit
  • Hasta and paadaprasaathanam (Ayurvedic manicure and pedicure)


.        Moisturizing cream

·        Various types of  Ayurvedic gel 

.        Alovera Gel

.        Neem Gel

.        Manjista Gel

.        Various types of Ayurvedic

.        Soap Making

·         Body lotion

.         Ayurvedic  Makeup Remover 

·         Face Spray

·         Face scrub preparation

·         Herbal hair serum

·         Pain Balm

·         Body Oil preparation

·         Face oil Preparation

·         Hair Oil preparation

·         Dandruff oil preparation

·         Cream preparation

·         Lip balm

·         Kajal preparation

·         Facial Ubtan pack preparation

·         Herbal face serum

·         Udwarthanam

·         Hair massage

·         Hair packs

·         Face massage

·         Face mask

·         Sirodhara

·         Dhoomapanam

·         Nasym

·         Abhyangam

·         Herbal pedicure


Academic Facility

We will provide study materials for the theory sessions as well as practical sessions. Practical sessions are explained with videos and we will send those videos to the students. After the completion of the course, if there any assistance need by the students, we will give you. We are ready to give you the medicines for the preparations if it is not available at the students end.

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