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Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

Everyone should follow a healthy daily routine to get an energetic day.It is called as Dinacharya in Sanskrit. Din means “day” and acharya means “to follow”. Ayurveda suggests a discipline which removes doshas from our body and make it immunable.

Three doshas and time of a day.

Morning and Evening                       6-10            Kabha        

Morning and Evening                       10-2            Pitta

Morning and Evening                       2-6              Vata

Keeping these time in mind and having your food and daily activities by considring these things will support the dominant energy inside and around you.

  • Always wake up before 6.00 am because by this time kabha becomes dominant. Accoding to sunshine it may vary slightly. Next the most important thing is none other than “prayer”.After the prayer touch the ground with your hands and move it to your forehead. This indicates that you are respecting your Mother earth.
  • Clean your face, wash your eyes with cold water and finally brush you teeth. Then you need some light excercises to your eyes-open and close your eyes and rotate it in all directions. If you need, you also have a Ayurvedic eyewash.(Put 1/4 teaspoon of Triphala in one cup of water and boils it for some time. Cool it and strain.Drops it to your eyes.). Drink two glass of warm water in empty stomatch will helps to discharge the waste particles from our body. Then you have some yoga or any sort of exercises for a minimum of 30 minitues.Regular exercises will increase your body strength and blood circulation.
  • Next thing is “Massage”. Using warm oil, massahe your head and body for some time and have a bath which removes all unwanted things from your external body. Then go for your breakfast. Never skip your breakfast. It gives us energy to your body for that day.

Ayurveda always suguested an easily diagestable breakfast which give enough nutrition to our body and if it is any fruit it  is like gold.

  • Drink atleast 2.5 liters of water in a day(sip by sip).It will help to burn excess fat from your body. Take proper meals at proper time(Suguested time:between 12 pm to 2 pm). After the meals perform vagrasana and go for a short walk. About dinner, the preferable time is three hours before your sleep. Don’t take any meal when you are in angry or stressed-out.When you have your food, chew it properly,then only it can be well mixed with saliva.