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Diabetes - A Lifestyle Disease And Causes: Study

Writtern by Dr. Akhil B.A.M.S

A detailed study of causes of diabetes (prameha) versus diabetes as a lifestyle disorder

Unnatural ways of lifestyle, increased population and moreover, the world of machines has created unlimited desires in human mind on the one hand, while on the other hand, it has originated anxiety, anger, hostility & grief directly or indirectly.

Prameha is one of the diseases which is an output of unnatural dietary habits, restless lifestyle, and stress.

Etymology of Prameha

The word prameha consists of two words i.e pra and meha, means excrete excessive quantity, and frequency indicated by the prefix pra

General causes

  • Asyasukham and swapna sugam: Lying in bed for a long time ultimately reduces the physical activity of the person because of which kapha and medas will be increased
  • Excessive indulgence in dadhini i.e Various preparations of curd
  • Gramya, Anupa, Audaka mamsa i.e meat of domestic, aquatic, wet land animals
  • Payamasi i.e excessive use of milk & its preparation
  • Navannapanam i.e new grains & drink
  • Guda vaikrutam i.e various preparation of sugar & jaggery
  • Alasya (laziness) - This related to Manaa. The lethargy of the mind results in inactivity causing kapha mada vriddi.
  • Samshodhana varjana (absence of purification therapy) - If this is not done in respective time intervals it causes accumulation of kapha and muscle fat


  • By the above mentioned causes kapha, muscle fat and urine increases abnormally
  • Kapha and muscle fat is composed of earth and water Mahabhootas (five basic elements) and urine is composed of water Mahabhoota and hence the ahara and vihara which are predominant of the qualities of water and earth Mahabhoota invariably vitiate all the three.

Types of food told by Charaka which leads to diabetes

Types of food told by Charaka which leads to diabetes

Premonitory symptoms of diabetes

  • matting of the hair
  • sweet taste in the mouth
  • numbness and burning sensation in hands and feet
  • dryness of the mouth palate and throat
  • thirst and laziness
  • increased amount of excreta in the orifices of the body
  • the attraction of insects and ants (because of the sweet taste in the body)
  • the appearance of abnormalities in the urine
  • the smell of raw flesh in the urine
  • excessive sleep and drowsiness

Complications and line of treatment in Ayurveda

Complications of the prameha are thirst, diarrhea, fever, burning sensation and weakness, anorexia and indigestion. Diabetes which is treated in the Ayurveda by proper elimination and alleviation therapy


Acharya Charaka says that as the flies are attracted towards the trees which lie their nest, similarly prameha affects the persons who are lazy, over corpulent, have aversion to bath and physical exercises.