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Udwartana is an herbal scrubbing massage technique in Ayurveda. It helps in removing excess fat and toxins from the body tissues. In this technique, herbal powders or pastes are being used to give a forceful massage in the direction opposite to that of the hair follicles (pratiloma gati).

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Benefits of Udwartana:

•             relieves kapha associated disorders

•             breaks down and mobilizes accumulated fat

•             relieves body dour due to excessive sweating

•             improves skin tone and also smoothens and cleanses it

•             provides stability to body parts

•             relieves itching and rejuvenates the skin

•             removes heaviness of body

•             enhances metabolism in the body

•             opens up blocked channels in the body and improves blood circulation

Indications of Udwartana:

•             Obesity and associated complaints

•             Metabolic disorders

•             Diabetes mellitus

•             Neuropathy associated with diabetes

•             Lethargy and lack of enthusiasm

•             As poorvakarma (preparatory therapy)for Pancakarma treatments

•             Neuro muscular disorders

•             Kapha and Aama related complaints


Contra Indications of Udwartana:

•             Aggravated pitta conditions

•             Degenerative disorders

•             Presence of cuts, wounds, burns, etc.

•             Tissue degeneration, emaciation

•             Oozing skin diseases

•             Pregnant women

•             Too old individuals or too small kids