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Thakra - buttermilk
Dhara - continuous pouring

It is the continuous pouring of medicated buttermilk.
The buttermilk is prepared by processing it with the cooling type of herbs.


  1. Same as Sirodhara. Here instead of oil, medicated buttermilk is being used as “Dharadravakam”
  2. Rarely during thakra dhara minimum, three times gentle massage for the body is advisable keeping 15 minutes intervals – using indicated oils
  3. Three therapists can be provided if possible

Benefits (sahasrayogam)

  1. Prevents premature graying of hairs
  2. Reduce fatigue and emaciation
  3. Mitigates pitha dosha of “Shiras” and relieves rajodosham of manas
  4. Relieves sooryavartham (a type of migraine headache)
  5. Enhances ojus
  6. Reduces pricking type of pain at hands & legs and moothra dosham
  7. Relieves loosening of joints
  8. Prevents heart disease
  9. Reduce anorexia and improves appetite
  10. Very effective and quick remedy for eye and ear disease if thakardhara is done by using special & therapeutically indicated classic formulations
  11. Practically good results are obtained in Diabetics & Psoriasis