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Steam Bath (Kuteeswedam)

This is one among the modified form of sagni swedas. The steam is directed to a steam chamber and the patient is made to sit inside the chamber for perspiration.


  1. Abhyanga can be done before this (duration 15 minutes or 1 hour)
  2. The patient has to sit on the suggested seat inside the steam chamber; with his head outside the chamber
  3. If patient feels thirst, giddiness etc: stop the procedure and then give a cup of boiled and cooled water
  4. After steam bath, wipe out head to make hairs dry and apply Rasnadi choornnam over bregma


  1. Vatha vikaram (all types expect disease caused by vatha)
  2. Rheumatic complaints & joint stiffness
  3. Muscular pain and fatigue

Contra Indications

  1. Haematomas
  2. Abscess
  3. Rakthapitha
  4. Pitha vikaram
  5. Pitha prakrithi
  6. Lean and weak people
  7. Where swedana is contraindicated


  1. Stimulates sweat glands & favorably activates the temperature regulating systems by stimulus
  2. Provides a feeling of lightness
  3. Muscles get improved circulation