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If necessary Abhyangam on the body & head can be done before Sirodhara.
After the indicated time of Abhyangam with suitable medicated oil, the person is made to lie on his back. His eyes are covered with a strap of cotton cloth wound horizontally around his head to prevent overflow that can cause irritation of eyes during the treatment. The vessel filled with medicated oil is hung over the head in such a way that the oil falls on the forehead in a steady flow of 4 angulas [finger space] height. The vessel is kept refilled with drippings collected. This process is continued for 45 to 50 minutes every day continuously for 7 days. After that, the head is gently wiped with a dry cloth and allowed to take rest for 10 to 15 minutes followed by bath using medicated water.


  • Without tying the band of cloth above the eyebrows the therapy should not be undertaken.
  • The medicinal liquid should not be warmer than 25-degree centigrade better if kept at room temperature.
  • The treatment should preferably be undertaken either between 7 am to 10 am or from 3.30 pm to 5 pm.
  • A rhythmic swing is required and should not be too fast or too slow in the oscillating speed.
  • Silence is to be maintained inside the treatment room.


  • For this therapy, two therapists are required one for supporting and swinging of dhara vessel containing the liquid to drip on the forehead of the person and the other one for collecting the liquid that flows from the head of the person and retains it back to the dhara vessel after warming. Warm the oil twice or thrice just to make the temperature steady in case of extreme cold climates.
  • The temperature of the liquid can be 25-degree centigrade / room temperature.
  • This therapy can be undertaken as daily for a period of 7 to 14 days according to the nature of the disease.
  • Duration mentioned for the treatment may be increased depending upon the severity up to a maximum period could be of 90 minutes.
  • The rate of swinging can be 1:33 seconds in one linear direction of 16 cms length.
  • If the hair is long, a head massage is mandatory for removing the oil at the end.
  • Short hair & shaved head is recommended for the treatments.
  • For preparing the medicated water Amla [gooseberry] or Harithaki can be used for washing the head.
  • Daily new oil is advisable. To reduce cost same oil can be used for 2 days.
  • Metallic vessel shaped like coconut shell can be used instead of coconut shell.


  1. Useful in Headache [due to vatha]
  2. Useful in dandruff & hair fall
  3. Useful in insomnia
  4. Burning sensation of the head
  5. Useful in relaxation
  6. Increased in vatha & pitha


  1. Fever
  2. Common cold
  3. Acute eye diseases
  4. Kapha vikaras
  5. Headache due to sinusitis