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Shirovasthi is the procedure wherein the medicated oil is retained on the head for a prescribed period by a special arrangement. It is highly indicated in vata and pitta aggravated conditions.

Duration of treatment

30- 60 minutes


  • Headaches of vathika in nature
  • Degenerative brain disorders (masthishka Apachayam)
  • Motor neuron disease, Cerebral palsy
  • Cerebral lesions, Epilepsy insanity (apasmaram & unmadam)
  • Mental diseases, Vataja Karna Rogam

Contra Indications

  • Common cold, Fever
  • Masthishka avarana shopham
  • Nethra rogam
  • Kapha, Pithaja Karnarogam
  • Bathing, Full stomach, hyperacidity
  • Urdhwa gatha Raktha Pitha


  1. Reduces Headache and Relieves anxiety
  2. Inhibits hyperactivity
  3. Gives calmness to the mind
  4. Effective remedy for degenerative brain disorders
  5. Remedy for Epilepsy and Mental aberrations