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Shashtikanna Lepam

Shastikanna lepana is a special type of treatment prevalent in Kerala. It is the process by which the whole body or any particular part is made to perspire by means of application of a kind of payasa or pudding, specially prepared for the purpose with the Njavara rice, milk and decoction of vata alleviating herb.


  • Thalam - with Rasnadichoorna / suitable medicated oil
  • Poorva abhyangam – 20 min in 4 position with suitable oil
  • Shashtika anna lepa - services of 3 attendants are necessary for this treatment. Two attendants may sit on either side of the patients, they handle the pudding by applying on the body of the patient and massage gently with their hands. The massage should never be rough or hard so as to cause pain or discomfort. The pudding may be applied below the neck, little by little and massaged, beginning from the shoulders and going down to the feet. It can be done in all the seven positions.
  • After the massage, the pudding on the body may be removed by scraping with coconut or palm leaf. Then the oil that was applied on the head earlier in the process may also be removed by rubbing with a dry towel. Again, fresh oil is applied to the body and later remove it by washing with medicated warm water.


  1. Muscular Weakness
  2. Emaciation & general disability
  3. Rheumatic complaints
  4. Hemiplegia
  5. Children respond this treatment positively
  6. Atrophy and wasting of muscle tissue
  7. Neurological disorders of vata and pitha in nature
  8. In geriatric care
  9. Joint dislocation and neuralgia (chronic cases)

Contra Indications

  • Fever & cold
  • Kaphaja diseases
  • Swelling that are thick and chronic (especially near ankle & wrist joints)
  • Ama dosham
  • Fresh Injuries
  • Burns
  • Patients with skin infections (diseases)
  • In acute inflammation
  • Pregnancy
  • Bedsores


  • Vata and pitha hara
  • Brumhana
  • Dhathu pushti kara
  • Balya
  • Increase muscle bulk
  • Improves nervine & muscular tone