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Rasayana (Rejuvenation Treatment)

Rasayana chikithsa is one among the Ashtanga Ayurveda (8 branches of Ayurveda). This branch of medicine is meant for preventing the effect of aging and to improve memory, intelligence, complexion, sensory and motor functions. It is also known by the name ‘jara chikitsa’ (jara-old age and chikithsa-treatment); geriatric care.

The Rasayana chikithsa (Ayurvedic therapy) is an active mode of physical and psychological nourishment. It promotes the complete nourishment of the body tissues and thereby enhancing the body immune mechanism. On adopting the Rasayana chikithsa (rejuvenation treatment), the patient has to undergo specific dietary regimens which support the treatment.

Based on the requirements and the condition of the patient, the Rasayana chikithsa can be broadly classified into two:

1. Kuti praveshika
2. Vatatapika

In kuti praveshika rasayana the patient is advised to stay inside a kuti (cottage) specially prepared in a classical way. The administration of the medicine and other treatment modalities are adopted within the kuti itself.

Whereas in vatatapika, the person need not be hospitalized. The administration of the medicine can be advised along with normal daily routine works.

Along with the internal and external Rasayana therapy, the person has to follow Achara Rasayana (good codes of conduct) which supports the Rasayana chikithsa in promoting its maximum desired effect.