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Palpuka Swedam (Ksheera Dhoomam)

Ksheera – milk
Dhoomam – sudation by fumigating

Here the milk is boiled with some vata reducing herbs and the steam is directed to the body for the perspiration.


  1. The Medicine is put in a vessel with a narrow neck. The mouth of the vessel is covered with a cloth & a tube is attached to the covering. The steam coming from the vessel is used for swedana
  2. Using the above said mixture one can have it as a steam bath in a steam chamber
  3. Time required – 15 to 20 minutes, usually daily once
  4. Both the above said procedures have vivid therapeutical significance


  1. Facial Paralysis
  2. Atrophy of muscles
  3. Poorvakarma of Nasya
  4. Jihwasthambha [difficulty in speech]

Contra Indications

  1. Nasal Bleeding
  2. Fever & Cold
  3. Eye diseases


  1. This type of swedana is snigdhasweda useful in vatha diseases
  2. It can be used in dry skin also