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Nasal inhalation of medicated oil, milk, decoction or juice from fresh leaves of selected plants is called as Nasyam.

Types Of Nasyam

  1. Marsham
  2. Prathimarsham


Can be done up to 7-days as 4-6-8 at the starting and two drops keep on increasing with the above-said medicines daily. The constant dosage of oil is also being practiced in Kerala concerned with the type of illness.


Can be done as two drops each  with the above said medicines.


  1. Firstly acquainted oil has to apply overhead.
  2. After that, the face massage is to be done for 15 minutes
  3. After the massage, face steam bath is to be done by closing the eyes and has to inhale the fumes through the nose and to be exhaled through the mouth for 10 minutes
  4. After the sudation, quickly the sweat has to be wiped out from the head with a turkey towel well and rasnadi choornam is to be applied at bregma
  5. Then 4-6-8 drops of the indicated oil can be instilled to nose from the first day by increasing two drops daily up to the 7th day
  6. Take minimum 15 minutes to inhale and spit the sputum out through the mouth
  7. While doing nasyam, dry face massage with mild pressure can be done
  8. After that, conduct the kabala graha and gandoosha [5 minutes] with the warm decoction or water
  9. While doing, the patient again has to try to spit the sputum by possible force
  10. After that, snaihika Dhoomapanam with the help of Dhoomapana yanthra has to be done. 4-6 puffs minimum to each nostril is required.


  1. Headaches
  2. Facial paralysis, sinusitis
  3. Pathology of brain
  4. Cervical spondylitis
  5. Nasal congestion
  6. Common cold


  1. Raktha pitham [Urdhwa gatha]
  2. Kasa, Swasa
  3. Dysphagia etc


  1. Shiro virechanam
  2. Achieves strength and power to the sensory organs by prathimarsha nasya as a part of dinacharya
  3. Preenanam & jeevanam to masthishka & sushumna
  4. Medicine to be selected is completely left to the physician, which is according to the dosha, roga, and onset of attack [time].