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Dhanyamla Dhara

Dhanyamla - fermented rice gruel
Dhara - pouring

Procedure Of Preparation

The medicinal powders are to be mixed well and to be tied to make a potali. This has to dip into 40 liters of boiling water. The mouth of the vessel should be closed with a cloth. Then the vessel is kept on mandagni for 7 days. The heat should be mild & constant, sufficient enough for fermentation. After 7 days, the fermented liquid can be taken for the treatment purpose. But equivalent amount of hot water should be replaced to compensate with the taken quantity of Dhanyamla. After 41 days, it can be removed to make fresh Dhanyamla.

Treatment Procedure

Materials Required: Kindi, Thaila Dhroni, Stove etc.

  • Daily Requirement of Dhanyamla is 3 liters
  • First of all the acquainted oil has to put overhead
  • Then Abhyanga has to be done for 15 minutes
  • Then body may be covered with thin cotton cloth excluding head
  • Then Dhanyamla has to pour constantly by maintaining the temperature that is 2 degrees more than body temperature
  • Continue the procedure uninterruptedly for 45 minutes
  • After Dhara, oil has to be applied entire body and then has to lie on thaila Dhroni itself for half an hour by covering with woolen blanket below neck
  • Next take bath in lukewarm pancha valkala decoction
  • Luke warm temperature of Dhanyamla has to be maintained while doing the dhara

Note: If patient started to express tremors giddiness, and palpitation, stop the procedure


  • Paralysis, Poly Arthritis (traditional usage of Kerala)
  • Lepa can be applied over the inflamed joints by triturating medicinal powders [like jatamayadi or kottamchukkadi] along with Dhanyamla for 1 hour or until it is dried
  • Kapha Vatha vikara, vatha kapha vikaram Mamsa Kshana, Vathadhika Amavatham
  • Potali sweda can be done by dipping the potali instead of Nimba thaila, in sprains, tendinitis etc. named Dhanyamla Kizhi
  • Dipping a specific part in luke warm dhanyamla mixed with salt for 10 minutes gives instant relief in painful conditions named as kadi dipping

Contra Indications

  • As a sukha chikitsa, it cannot be used
  • Do not pour Dhanyamla over reproductive organs
  • Dhanyamla Dhara above neck is contraindicated
  • Dhanyamla cannot be used internally
  • It cannot be used as a daily or seasonal regimen
  • Fever, Medo-sara purusha
  • Wounds including surgical wounds
  • Vatha Raktham, Raktha Pitham
  • Vidagdhajeernam, Shakhagatha and Sama Pitham


  1. Provides a feeling of lightness to the body
  2. Reduces Kaphaja shopham
  3. Reduces aleena amam, Reduces pain