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Ayurveda Gurukulam Treatments


Virechanam can be categorized into two ways-


  1. Rooksha (dry) eg: purgation, laxation with medicinal powders + Warm water
  2. Snigdha (uncteous) ...
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Derived from ‘VAM Dhathu means to eliminate through upwards. The process is known as “VAMANAM”. This is the best eliminative therapy of Kapha. It is the elimination of Kapha dosha...

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Shirolepam (Thalapothichil)

‘shiras’-‘head’ and ‘lepam’-‘application of paste’. Shirolepam is a procedure wherein application of medicated paste over the head is done. It is als...

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It is an upakalpana doing as a part of external oleation.


Putting oil soaked cotton swab over bregma or other parts of the body for certain periods is called Pichu. ...

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Nasal inhalation of medicated oil, milk, decoction or juice from fresh leaves of selected plants is called as Nasyam.

Types Of Nasyam

  1. Marsham
  2. Prathimarsham<...
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Rektha Moksham

Raktha – blood, moksha – letting Raktha moksha consists of various kinds of blood letting generally, it is concluded as,

            Blood lettin...

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