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Ayurveda Diet, Nutrition and Cookery online course

Ayurveda course offered in Ayurveda Gurukulam

Ayurveda Gurukulam is an unique Ayurveda school in India which blends knowledge into practice. We  offer Ayurveda Diet , Nutrition  and Cookery Programme(live on-line programme). This certificate program intends to create brief awareness regarding such matters and creating healthy food habits among people around the world. The special highlight of this programme is that the instructors are mainly doctors, yoga teachers, and dietitians who all are experts in these relevant areas. Due to the present situation we are providing on-line courses for the same. Our doctors will also provide clinical references to you if needed.

Duration                 6 days.(3 hours per day)

Total                        18 hours


Diet and Nutrition

Introduction to Ayurveda

Concept of three governing energies(Tridoshas)

and the five elements (Panchamahabhutas)

Seven physical structures (Dhathu) &

Three physical wastes (Mala)

Bio Fire (Agni)

Physiology – Digestion in Ayurvedic diet

Metabolic error (Aama)

Body constitution (prakrithi)

Properties of selected food substances

Daily Regimen (Dinacharya)

Seasonal Regimen (Rithucharya)

Diet for Vata, Pitta & Kapha – imbalances

Diet for selected lifestyle disorders

Definition of Health

Class on  6 tastes



Vata,pitta, kapha tea

Chukku Kappy (dry ginger coffee)

Shadaga Paniyam (Ayurvedic Summer Cooler Recipe)

Inchi Curry (Ginger Curry)


Aviyal (Mixed Vegitable Curry)

Uppumavu (Brocken wheat thick porridge)

Gajar Cava ( Carrot Rice )

ilaada (Leaf Cakes )

Gajar Supa (Carrot Soup )

Ardraka Supa (Ginger Soup )

Garjara Gothambu Puttu Wheat & Carrot teamed Cakes

Jivana Modaka (Steam Cakes )

 Kapha Hara Modaka (Steam Cakes )

Raisin Ginger Chutney

Fenugreek Porridge

Academic Facility

We will provide study materials for the theory sessions as well as practical sessions. Practical sessions are explained with videos and we will send those videos to the students. After the completion of the course, if there any assistance need by the students, we will give you. We are ready to give you the medicines for the preparations if it is not available at the students end.

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